Baby Dragon Utility Talents

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Baby Dragon Utility Talents

Post  LoganAura on Wed Sep 12, 2012 4:04 pm

A few ideas.

Falling with Style
Prerequisite: Lv 5.
YES! FINALLY! YOUR OWN WINGS! You're not used to them yet, and your enthusiasm can distract you while you're flying. Fly with poor maneuverability (-5 to Athletics and Precision checks when flying.)

Practice makes Perfect- sorta.
Prerequisite: Falling with Style, Lv 8.
Okay, let's try this aga-OOF! Ow, dangit. You're not the best flyer yet, but at the very least you're now used to your wings and have calmed down a little. Fly with average maneuverability (No bonuses to Athletics and Precision.)

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Re: Baby Dragon Utility Talents

Post  Xel Unknown on Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:02 pm

These sound awesome. And I'd totally make a Baby Dragon just to have those two! XD
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