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Post  RavenscroftRaven on Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:09 pm

Everypony loves Genetic Engineering!

Lamia: Taurics with the lower half of a snake, the upper half of a human. They tend to be lithe and stand as tall as an adult human when upright, with approximately ten foot long tails meeting their human portion just below the hipbone (about 3 feet of which makes up their "legs" height). Exclusively carnivorous, their stomachs are not powerful enough to digest green foods. Luckily for the surrounding population, they are not poisonous, but unluckily for their prey, they do enjoy their food fresh. Once food is in their constricting hug, it tends to stay like that.
Clever Tail
Scent Tracker

Selkie: Beautiful females one and all, they wear the body of a seal when in their natural wet habitat, but change to the local community's form when landbound. Their primary purpose for meeting the land-folk is mating, as their race has no males, but they have been known to enjoy playing pranks and helping sailors as well; their desires are as varied as any other race, just coloured with the notion that they must coexist by tolerance or trickery to survive the next generation. They are racially good singers, having learned far back in their history from the best: the whale-songs of yore.
Alter Ego (From Seal to Human/Pony, depending on campaign type, can be done in 1 minute, not 5)
Cultural Knowledge (Singing, and any one other)
Cutie Mark
One With The Waves

Crystal Ponies: At first appearing to be earth ponies from a distance, a crystal pony is significantly different in that its primary makeup is more akin to a golem than any real pony. They have a strong sense of community, but very weak autonomy, and tend to float along with whatever makes them feel good. Their opinions are as transparent as they are, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. They can be as hard as diamond, or as fragile as glass, as true as gold, or as deceiving as pyrite, possible to be better, or far worse, than average ponies.
Cutie Mark
Herd Mentality
We're Just Good At This Stuff (Any, crystal ponies are dilettantes who enjoy trying out new things)

Ravens (because I had to)
Birds that unfortunately get a bad rap because of crows. But they're smaller, and in their own opinions, far more intelligent than their field-pest cousins. Ravens are opportunistic omnivores, and can eat essentially anything, however they prefer foods high in protein to make up for their energy-intensive flight when they can get at them. Ravens act self-assured, but with good reason. They have been known to work in teams to con timberwolves from their prey, and enjoy finding ways to showcase their talents.
Call Out
Cultural Knowledge (Any two)
Epic Pwny

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Race Compendium - Ravenscroft Raven's copy Empty Re: Race Compendium - Ravenscroft Raven's copy

Post  Jason Shadow on Sat Nov 17, 2012 3:42 am

Ooh, I like your Crystal Ponies.
Jason Shadow
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