Hyperspace Arsenal - Tons of Combat Fun!

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Hyperspace Arsenal - Tons of Combat Fun!

Post  Greywander on Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:24 am

Hoo boy, this is going to be a monster to balance properly.

[-5] Hyperspace Arsenal
Reach into your pants (or other suitable compartment), and pull out a weapon to attack your target with. Roll a d100. Activate the corresponding effect on the WARdrobe Malfunction effect table. (Yes, this is like a Rod of Wonder. DMs are encouraged to create their own “WARdrobe Malfunction” tables.)

Some suggested WARdrobe Malfuntion effects:

Your other pants
So that's where they were. Well now you feel silly about, uh, nevermind. Roll twice more on the WARdrobe Malfunction table and activate both effects.

Tommy Gun
Introduce your enemies to your brand of diplomacy in a hardboiled manner. Deal 1d8 damage to all enemies.

Ocarina of Time
Roll the battle back to the beginning of your last turn. Enemies must perform the same actions as before, unless you or an ally interacts with them differently (e.g. attacking them if you didn't, not attacking if you did, using a different attack).

Until the end of the battle, the next character to roll a 1 on any die will slip on the banana peel and lose their current or next turn. This interrupts any action that was being taken by the victim.

Spoony Soaker
Squirt your target in the face with your water gun filled with substances of questionable legality, randomly inflicting one of the following effects. Roll a d12 and activate the corresponding effect from the table below.
1. Weakened (save ends)
2. Vulnerability 3 (save ends)
3. Resist 3
4. Ongoing 3 (save ends)
5. Regen 5
6. Blinded (save ends)
7. Stunned (save ends)
8. 1d8 damage
9. 1d10 healing
10. Lose 2 pips
11. Gain 2 pips
12. 3d20 damage

Comically Oversized Sword
This definitely isn't a metaphor for anything. But it won't stop people from making jokes anyway. Deal 2d12 damage to your target.

Comically Undersized Sword
This definitely isn't a metaphor for anything. But it won't stop people from making jokes anyway. Deal 1d4 damage to your target.

Rubber Chicken
All characters in combat besides yourself must flip a coin. If they fail, they lose their next turn while they stare at you flailing around.

Teddy Bear
Wait, this isn't a weapon. Does nothing.

Apache Helicopter
You don't know how to fly this thing, so you just drop it on your target, dealing 4d8 damage.

Schoolgirl Outfit
You're just... gonna put this back. IT'S NOT YOURS, OKAY?! Lose your next turn.

I know what you're thinking. "Did he fire six shots, or only five?" You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? Roll a d6. If you roll a 6, then deal 3d10 damage to your target.

Huh. Maybe you shouldn't keep your explosives in your same pants as a your matches. All characters in combat take 1d12 damage (roll individually, this cannot activate special moves).

You throw a pair of panties in your target's face, blinding them (save ends).

Now we fight like men! Deal 2d12 damage to all enemies.

Creature Sphere
Wow, turns out your balls were in your pants the whole time! Who would have thought? Choose one of the following creatures to conjure.

Snugglesaur - 15 HP
Adorable fire dinosaur monster. Has the following combat talents:

[+3] Growl
Target creature deals -3 damage on its next attack.

[+1] Bite
Deal 1d10 damage to target creature.

[-2] Quick Attack - Free Action
Deal 1d12 damage to target creature.

[-4] Ember
Deal 2d8 damage to all enemies.

Daffod'aw - 15 HP
Adorable plant mouse monster. Has the following combat talents:

[+3] Tail Whip
Inflicts Vulnerability 2 on target creature (save ends).

[+1] Scratch
Deal 1d8 damage to target creature.

[-2] Leech Seed
Target creature takes 3 ongoing damage, healing an ally for the damage dealt.

[-4] Sleep Spore
Flip a coin. If successful, target creature is put to sleep for 1d4 turns. Only effects that remove (save ends) effects can wake the target.

Glubble - 15 HP
Grotesque fish abomination. Has the following combat talents:

[+3] Scary Face
Until Glubble's next turn, the first creature to target Glubble skips their turn instead.

[+1] Tackle
Deal 1d8 damage to target creature.

[-2] Bubble Beam
Deal 1d8 damage to target creature, and move them down one slot on the initiative order.

[-9] Hyper Beam
Deal 4d12 damage to target creature.

Remote Control
Your target is dominated (save ends).

Deal 3d12 damage to your target.

Oh no, not this guy. He NEVER shuts up when he isn't in his scabbard. "Get that talking sword," they said. "It'll be funny," they said. You throw Frank at your target, dealing 1d12 damage. Frank will commentate the rest of the battle. Snarky bastard sword.

Permanently set to stun. Yes, you've tried fixing it. Stuns your target (save ends).
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Re: Hyperspace Arsenal - Tons of Combat Fun!

Post  Whiteeyes on Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:21 pm

Ooooh, let me try making some!

Even Bigger Bomb!
Yep, storing them with the matches was a bad idea. Deal 2d12 damage to all combatants (roll individually for each, this cannot activate special moves.)

Storm Trooper Blaster
Do these things ever hit? Miss every shot unless you roll 100 on 1d100. If you do, you KO all enemies as you figure out how to use that blue ring stun thing that never misses. Unfortunately the button layout changes afterward and you have no idea how to do that again.

Okay, how did you carry a siege weapon bigger than a house again? Eh, whatever. Sine it's hard to aim, flip a coin. If heads deal 4d8 damage to target enemy as they are crushed with a boulder bigger than a buffalo. If tails, you missed the target and instead hit one random combatant, maybe even an ally, with it instead. The damage is still 4d8, cause it's still a freakin huge rock.

Potato Grenade
This spud explodes after you throw it, becoming delicious warm mashed potatoes with butter, salt, and hot gravy. None of which is good for the eyes of the enemy you threw this at. Target enemy is blinded by deliciousness (save ends).
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