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Post  Stairc -Dan Felder on Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:33 am

Hey everypony, thought I'd show you some of the crazy alchemy we've been doing behind the scenes for Living Legends. We've created a massive combat system for Living Legends and, as Living Legends is designed to be easily reflavored to work with any setting (including Equestria), this definitely opens up options for ponies too.

Quite a few of you that are in various skype groups that I leak things to, or know people who are, or have just seen things I've dropped here and there might have seen this already. If so, I hope you've gotten a chance to enjoy it as much as we have. With over 200 combat talents the board-based system has a whole lot of brand new options going for it and has been a ton of fun to play. Designing for the tabletop system has also given us a lot of new ideas for the Skype system, which Carson Dougan is working on retrofitting to work without a board too so we can brew up a combat expansion for the non-board version.

Here's the link.

Living Legends - Tabletop System
Stairc -Dan Felder
Stairc -Dan Felder
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