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Post  Grey Pen The Flawed on Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:43 am

I wanna try this!

Sea Pony
((Seriously, has nobody thought of this yet? I sure can't find it if someone has.))

One with the Waves (1) ((Modified quite a bit, for flavor purposes.))
Sea Ponies can breathe underwater, and move freely through it, almost like flying! However, they take -10 penalty on Stunts and Acrobatics checks when not in the water.

Shoo Shoo Bee Doo! [Pack Mentality] (3)
Whenever a Sea Pony successfully aids a creature on a skill check, they provide a +4 bonus instead of a +2 bonus.

Cutie Mark (2)
Sea Ponies gain a cutie mark.

Mortal Alicorn
((My take on something probably overdone, at my player's request for future campaigns.))

Unicorn Horn [Naturally Skilled, Ponykenisis] (2)
Alicorns gain the "Ponykenisis" utility talent at character creation.

It’s Almost Like Flying (1)
Alicorns are in fact a flying race but you’re not a peregrine falcon or anything. In fact… You kind of suck at it. You can fly with terrible maneuverability (you suffer a -15 penalty to precision and brawn skills while flying).

Cultural Knowledge (1)
Alicorns gain the Freaky Knowledge utility talent.

Cutie Mark (2)
Alicorns gain a cutie mark.

((Yes, yes, Masterweaver already made something like this. And I'm not trashing it... this is primarily a big in-joke, but I thought I'd share my take on it anyways.))

Escape Artist [Naturally Skilled, Leggo!] (2)
A Goat gains the "Leggo!" utility talent at character creation.

Locks, What Locks? [Naturally Skilled, Phase Step] (2)
A Goat gains the "Phase Step" utility talent at character creation.

Sproing! [Feline Grace] (1)
A Goat takes no damage from falls.

Loudmouth [Call Out] (1)
A Goat can let out a loud call. Choose one
A) Name any number of creatures that could recognize your voice. They hear your howl automatically and know how far away from them you are and in what direction.

B) Every creature within one to ten miles (your choice) hears the call and knows where you are in relation to them. You make make it clear whether or not your call is meant as a warning, distress call, etc.

((That's all for now, folks!))
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