Elemental Bonus System

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Elemental Bonus System

Post  Xel Unknown on Sat Jan 12, 2013 1:13 pm

Because ponysona had started trying to use Elemental attacks for the PCs to use to attack shadows with. I'm figuring we could start trying to build a villina type of combat add on to work with for stuff like this. I personally figure that this attack bonus should be really low with at least a five or six different outcomes. Assume that you can trigger this attack boost at will in combat. Also factor in that I like the idea of this elemental critial thing that I'm not sure what it totally does, but I like the idea of it. So getting a 6 on the dice rolls do something cool as well as the rest of effects.

Base Damage is everything else that'd factor the attack damage outside of the Elemental Bonus. Or at least that's how I'd work this, stuff like weakness might also effect the elemental damage output I guess... *shugs*

From strongest to weakest (maybe, not totally sure, might have some oddballs) effects ideas:

Base+2(1d6) (Not a fan of this idea... Feel it's too much of a damage boost that'll mess up how combat plays out to be to fast for some people who got builds that'd not work as well. But that's just me.)


Base+(1d6)/2 (round up) (I personally like the idea of doing a "rounding up" thing like this.)

Base+(1d6)/2 (round down)

Base+0 (You'd still get a one in 6 chance of getting this Element Crit thing, so not so bad as you'd think.)

Base+1d6-3 (Hard to place this one in way of how strong or weak it is, but going to put it after +0 because I figure it got a chance of reducing the base damage output)



(Base+1d6)/2 (I totally think there should be negative effects that'd effect the base damage in major ways like this, to balance off the power of getting elemental crits and also just being able to add bonus damage at will to attacks)


0(Base) (IE: the whole damage output turns into nothing, I personally DON'T like this idea, but it should be on the list of possibilities to work with for a 1d6+Crit Elemental Bonus system.)

-(Base-1d6)/4 (IE: this means your attack would heal the enemy, This one isn't a great idea to work this either, but I it might be worth trying I would figure, depending on how easy it'd be to figure out elemental effects. Might not be worthwhile to use as a whole and kinda unfair the more I think about it.)
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