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Starbound Pre-order

Post  Cardbo on Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:16 pm

I've been following this indie game, Starbound, for quite sometime, and they're finally at the pre-order stage. If you've played Minecraft or Terraria before, Starbound is a little like that but with a science fiction theme. The basic storyline is that you're home planet has been destroyed, but you managed to flee aboard an escape pod and made you're way to abandoned space stations. From there, you can pretty much explore the galaxy. Each planet is procedurally generated with its day/night cycles and weather. You can do research and create your own items, weapons and cooking. And you can create your own base on other planets that you explore.

Here's a couple of trailers for it.

EDIT: A few more videos. Ones demonstrates sand physics with a little exploration and building thrown in. The other is a water physics test.

EDIT2:One more video, but its a long one. Shows off a bit more of physics engine. Some corn growing and the various types of armors.
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