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Final Fantasy Races

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These races are intended for my upcoming Pony Fantasy Adventure campaign, but anybunny is free to use them in their own final fantasy themed campaign...or just if you want to use them!

Highly adaptable, ambitious, and driven. Hume vary wildly in appearance and ability. With skin tones ranging from a pale peach to a dark brown and with hair ranging from blond to red to brown to black, it's very hard to mistake one Hume for another. They can also be short or tall, thin or bulky, or anything in between. The two things that are constant about the race are their ambition and their adaptability. Hume can be found just about anywhere in the world. They can survive in jungles, deserts, forests, highlands, mountains, savanna, arctic steppes, etc. The main thing that drives them to seek out and even thrive in dangerous environments is their ambition. Hume pursue their dreams and desires on a level comparable to a pony with their special talent. While there is nothing magical about a Hume's ambition, it certainly helps them as they strive to be the best at whatever they chose.

Specialist (1)
Characters of your race start with each attribute at 3 at character creation and 16 points to allocate between them (10 is still the maximum you can have in a given attribute).

Great Ambition (2)
You are treated as if you had a Cutie Mark, though instead of being for a "special talent" it is for your "ambition". While a special talent might be "signing", "dancing", "swordsmanship", or "cooking" an equivalent ambition would be "writing a great ballad", "becoming a master dancer", "becoming the world's greatest swordsman", or "opening my own five star restaurant". Mechanically, it functions the same as a Cutie Mark, though obviously a magical picture doesn't appear on you declaring what it is.

Overachiever (1)
You can have a maximum of 12 points in a single attribute rather than 10.

Heart of Courage (2)
You gain a +5 bonus when attempting any skill check that has a DC of 30 or higher.

Stubbornness (2) - Interrupt [1/Day]
Trigger - You would fail a skill check.
Effect - Reroll the check with a +5 bonus.

Don't call these seven foot tall guys Lizards if you want to keep all your teeth. Bangaa are a tall, muscular, slightly hunchbacked reptilian race with a floppy split ear on each side of their head. Their snouts can either be long and sharp or short and blunt, and their ears can be long (down to their waist) or short (stopping shortly after their neck). Their coloration tends to be sand-brown, green, or grey-black. Rare colors such as blue, red, yellow, pink, or white exist, but they tend to be outcasts from Bangaa society. Male's tend to grow mustaches and/or beards as they get older, while women grow a prominent tuft of fur on their chest, the only way for most species to tell the genders apart. Bangaa originally had a very strict cast system based on scale color. The sand-brown were the rulers and priests, the green were the warriors, and the grey-black were the workers, farmers, and craftsmen. However over the years and with contact with many other races, this has fallen largely out of practice, though there still is a cultural tendency to follow the old ways when considering a career. Bangaa tend to be very physical creatures, preferring jobs where they work with their hands. Many work as simple brute labor, or as low level thugs in harder times. Bangaa that can use magic are few and far between, but are always highly respected. At least among their fellow Bangaa.

Naturally Skilled (2)
Characters of your race gain an additional utility talent at character creation.

Bangaa Glare (2) - [1/Day]
Bangaa are experts at using their size and reputation to their advantage when confronting others, terrifying a creature that meets their cold, merciless gaze for
the next minute. They gain a +5 to persuasion checks when attempting to intimidate a terrified creature.

Scent Tracker (2) - At Will
Bangaa have weak eyesight, and as such their other senses have developed to a higher degree to compensate. A Bangaa can pick up a person’s scent off of an object they have worn or held. They gain a +15 bonus to tracking that creature, until their trail crosses water, is washed away by rain or encounters any other circumstance that would mask or remove scents.

Specialized Ears (2)
A Bangaa's special "double ears" can be used to pick up detailed information from sound alone. Being able to fold and flex the separate halves of each ear lets them have incredible directional hearing, to the point that some Bangaa wear blindfolds as a fashion statement. Their ears enable Bangaa to “see” in areas wherever sound can travel, including magical darkness, as easily as a normal pony could in broad daylight. They cannot, however, distinguish colors this way.

A feline race, the Mithra are sometimes mistaken for an all female race. This is inacurate, there are Mithra males. It's just that they are so rare they are almost never encountered outside of their own lands. With a ratio of about 1:10 male:female, Mithra are naturally a female dominated species. It also helps that they are notably larger than their male counterparts. As such Mithra encountered outside their homelands are almost exclusively female. Their isolation on a chain of islands far from the main continent also means they don't have much contact with the outside world to begin with. Being from a less advanced society, Mithra are sometimes tempted to go explore the wider world with tales of such fantastic things as stone houses, street lights, colorful clothing, and grocery stores. Curious, energetic, and cute, many a person has underestimated them, forgetting that they come from a warrior culture. Many Mithra get their starting funds for their new life in Ivalance from the muggers that mistake them for an easy mark.

We’re Just Good At This Stuff (1)
Choose a skill. You gain training in that skill.

Clever Tail (1)
Your race’s tail can function much like another hand. You can use it to stealthily manipulate
objects and make mechanics checks. When you do this, you gain a +5 bonus to stealth checks
made to conceal this action, but suffer a -5 penalty to the actual manipulation. For example, if
you try to surreptitiously pick a lock with your tail without attracting attention, you’d gain a +5
bonus to the stealth check to avoid attracting attention but suffer a -5 penalty to the actual act of

Feline Grace (1)
You take no damage from falls.

Sharp Eyes (1)
Characters of your race gain a +3 bonus to perceptions checks to notice physical details. For
example, noticing a tiny crack in the wall would gain benefit from this, but things that require
mental insight - figuring out if someone is lying, for instance - would not.

Nine Lives (4) - [9/Campaign]
The first nine times you die in the campaign, you return to life just one hour later at the place of
your death or adjacent to a party character. Your body doesn’t even need to be intact, a perfect
replica of it can mysteriously appear. Your resurrection frees you of all temporary conditions, but
permanent conditions remain (if you were temporarily blinded by a magical effect, that vanishes
but if you had been born blind - that remains).

Kupo! Moogles are a very interesting race, kupo. They are rather small, standing only between two and three feet tall and look like a teddy-bear with tiny bat wings and a pom-pom on their heads. Moogle fur is generally white and downy, kupo, though many mutations and variations exist in the world; striped, brown and purple are among the most common kupo, but many others have arisen over the years. Their pom-pom, which rests at the end of a long thin stalk on top of their heads, comes in a variety of colors, mainly yellow, red, or purple, though other colors do exist. Some Moogles also sport a thick 'ruff' of fur around their neck; this feature tends to evolve in colder climates, and is usually accompanied by a correspondingly denser coat of fur. Moogles are highly social creatures, able to make friends with just about anybody. They are also naturally magical, their pom-poms serving in that regard like a unicorns horn, kupo. Though naturally it's a lot softer kupo. Their native language consists of only the word "kupo", but by varying the formation of syllables (ku-po, k-upo, kup-o), stress, modulation, tone, and length it can convey a wide variety of meanings. Moogles tend to let one slip in when speaking other languages, a trait some find endearing and others find annoying. Kupo.

We’re Just Good At This Stuff (1)
Choose a skill. You gain training in that skill.

Magical Pom-Pom Sense! (1)
Moogle's pom-poms are sensitive to magic, and as such Moogles can use perception to detect magic, though this does not let them decipher exactly
what the magic does - that requires arcane knowledge

Tiny, Tiny Wings (1)
While Moogles do have tiny bat wings, one must consider the main fact that they are very tiny. As such, flying is almost a vestigial skill for them. Moogles can fly with terrible maneuverability (they suffer a -10 penalty to precision and brawn skills while flying).

Mog Net (2)
Moogles tend to travel a lot and meet lots of people whom they'd love to talk with more. It seems somewhere along the line this desire evolved into the ability to magically send letters to those they know. Called the Moogle Network, or the Mog Net, Moogles are able to send messages all over the world to keep in touch with their friends. Some Moogles act as post masters, sending and receiving letters on behalf of others. You are treated as if you had the utility talent Spike, take a Letter.

It's so cute! (3)
Moogles are adorably cute and cuddly, providing a +1 morale bonus to the skill checks of all allies that can see it.

Nu Mou
The Nu Mou are an elusive group of hunched, doglike creatures. They are among the longest-lived races, but age early; as they approach adolesence, Nu Mou quickly lose suppleness and muscular flexibility, gradually becoming crooked, stooped adults incapable of moving faster than a shuffle. Bound by these physical limitations, they have become first-rate sages and intellectuals, channeling the energy other races put into honing their bodies into sharpening their minds. Nu Mou are gray- or brown-skinned, with long, floppy ears, elephant-like hides, long, heavy tails topped with a layer of coarse fur, small, four-fingered hands, and sunken nostrils on either side of the face. Intellectuals from a race of intellectuals, Nu Mou mages are highly sought after not only for their magical ability, but to serve as teachers and tutors to nobility, the wealthy, and prodigies. Nu Mou have a low reproduction rate, and as such tend to blend into larger societies, though larger cities will ofter have a "Nu Mou Town" where they congregate. Due to their low populations, Nu Mou try their best to avoid violence, though when they do have to fight their magic makes them a match for any foe.

We’re Just Good At This Stuff (1)
Choose a skill. You gain training in that skill.

Culture of Knowledge (1)
You gain the Freaky Knowledge utility talent, representing the fields of study your Nu Mou specialized in.

Magical Soul (2)
Nu Mou are naturally drawn to magic. Gain Magical Tricks as an extra utility talent.

Spellchild (4)
During character creation, a Nu Mou can choose one of its Magic talents. Once per day, they can use that talent without spending a Magic point.

A race of slender, graceful silver-haired forest dwellers, they have white furred rabbit ears on the top of their heads and unfurred rabbit paws for feet. Their skin tone ranges from a deep tan to a pitch black, and their eyes tend towards yellow or amber. Isolationists, outsiders are not allowed into their mist veiled forest homes, and those Viera that leave their homes can never return. Due to this harshness, few Viera ever leave their homes. As such, very little is known about them. Even the ones who leave Viera society are very closed lipped about what goes on in the forest. What is known is that the Viera are a highly spiritual people, who worship nature itself. They claim that their great ears are so they can hear the voice of nature itself. Whether or not this is true has yet to be confirmed.

Animal Kinship (3)
You can communicate with animals as easily as you verbally communicate with other creatures. Speak to them as you would any NPC.

We’re Just Good At This Stuff (1)
Choose a skill. You gain training in that skill.

Sharp Eyes (1)
Characters of your race gain a +3 bonus to perceptions checks to notice physical details. For
example, noticing a tiny crack in the wall would gain benefit from this, but things that require
mental insight - figuring out if someone is lying, for instance - would not.

Best of the Breed (3)
Characters of your race gain an additional 2 attribute points at creation.
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