Too many cliche X puns!

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Too many cliche X puns! Empty Too many cliche X puns!

Post  sunbeam on Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:32 am

So I had way too many pun ideas for this thread name:
-X marks the spot
-solve for X
-Problems with your Ex?
-The forbidden Chemical X
And so on and so forth.

But that's besides the point. Basically, this is going to be the thread where we make items that revolve around [-X] moves. We'll be avoiding DareDevil's Rush because we don't want to improve that numerically. This leads into the first rule:
-Don't refer to X moves, call them [-X] moves, or within the descriptions themselves "Talents with a cost of [-X]"
Which leads into the other rules:
-Don't refer to X moves, call them [-X] moves, or within the descriptions themselves "Talents with a cost of [-X]"
-1000 gold = 3 pips. This will make more sense when you see the sample item.
...Those are pretty much the only two rules. I'm new at this whole topic starting thing, okay?!

In any case, here's your sample item:
Energy Crystal-1000 gold
once per battle, you may use the following combat talent
(sorta) Unlimited Power!-1/battle Interrupt Utility
Trigger: You use a combat talent with a pip cost of [-X]
Effect: increase X by three. You do not have to pay the additional pip cost.

See the idea now? This thing can be powered up either in intensity (boosting X by 6) or in uses/battle.*

Ideas that go in this thread:
-Items that can boost and/or manipulate [-X] abilities
-Items that grant [-X] abilities
-Any other cool ideas you can think of for items regarding [-X] talents

Googledoc containing completed ideas (and a compilation of all the current [-X] talents):

I feel like I should've put an introduction talking about how much I appreciate the versatility of [-X] moves, but I forgot. I think I might be bad at this.

Now go crazy!
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