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Siren - Low level solo Empty Siren - Low level solo

Post  ZamuelNow on Sat May 11, 2013 3:22 am

Trying to plot out an early solo for a campaign that could potentially be used as an Elite for games at higher levels or lower levels for more experienced players. Might try making a few beefier versions as well. This is an extremely rough first draft. At least part of the inspiration for this was the thread requesting more classic monsters though with me never playing traditional D&D I have no clue how accurate this would be to source materials.

Name (Solo) Siren
HP 40
Tone Deaf
All creatures in play suffer a -2 penalty to saving throws
Intoxicating Voice
All allies in play gain 1 pip at the start of their turn and are dazed.
Combat Talents
[+3] Enchanting Lure - Standard Utility
Target enemy is subject to Lured Closer (save ends). As long as they are Lured Closer, they are considered adjacent to target enemy in addition to any other creatures it was already adjacent to. If they were already adjacent, they are instead subject to Lured Much Closer (save ends).
[+1] Piercing Wail - Standard Attack
Flip a coin. If heads, target enemy takes 1d8 damage. If tails, target enemy suffers vulnerability 2.
[-2] Unruly Sea - Standard Utility
Target enemy and all adjacent enemies suffer -3 ongoing damage (save ends). If an enemy is affected by Lured Much Closer, they instead suffer -5 ongoing damage (save ends).
[-3] Poor Unfortunate Soul - Minor Utility
Summon a Poor Unfortunate Soul. It has the following stat block
Head Barely Above Water
At the start of Poor Unfortunate Soul's turn, it loses 1HP and gains 1d6 temp HP.
[0] Frantic Struggle - Standard Attack
Deal 1 damage to target enemy and 1 damage to Poor Unfortunate Soul.
[-2] Defensive Zeal - Interrupt Utility
Trigger – Siren is targeted by an attack.
Effect - The triggering attack hits Poor Unfortunate Soul instead.

"Poor Unfortunate Soul" could potentially be renamed "Enthralled Sailor" or something similar.
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