Z2's Monsters.

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Z2's Monsters.

Post  Z2 on Sat May 11, 2013 5:30 am

Mmkay, with me running two campaigns, I've been compelled to make up a few monsters. I figured I'd post here the combat tested ones:

Pie Golem
hp 50

Trait - Security System
After 5 turns, and every 3 turns after that, Pie golem is joined by 2 soldiers. If multiple pie golems exist, only one of them can use this ability. (Soldiers being the standard weak version in the Ponyhandler's Guide.)

[0] Slow Rising - Standard Utility
Golem gains resist 3 for one turn
[+1] Cook - standard utility
Pie golem gains one pip for each additional time it has used cook in the battle, and loses 1 hp for each pip gained in this manner
[-3] Meaty Filling - Reaction Attack
Trigger - An enemy deals 5 or more damage to you
Effect - Enemy is dazed, but may save for the daze at the beginning of each turn
[-X] It contains what?!? - Standard Attack
Spill your scalding, disgusting, mysterious pie filling (it definetely involves eels and custard) over the enemy inflicting
X/2 ongoing damage, X resist, and 1.5x vulnerability
X must be even

Sea Pony Ninjas.
HP: 40

Aquatic: This enemy only appears underwater.
NINJAS. : +5 initiative bonus

[-1] Cross Cut - Minor Attack
Deal Xd4 damage, where X equals the number of sea pony ninjas available

[+2] Iai - Standard Attack
2d10 damage, can only be used at the start of battle

[+1] Simple Slash - Standard Attack
1d12 damage

[0] Take My Blade - Interrupt Utility
Trigger: An ally falls unconscious
Effect: Gain that allies pips

[-1] Body to Spirit - Minor Utility
Take X hp from self or willing ally, gain X/5+1 pips

[-3] Call Upon the Sea Ponies - Standard Utility
Call another sea pony ninja to battle

[-15] Shoop Be Doom - Interrupt Attack
Trigger: You are attacked
Effect: Block attack, deal 5d12 damage and stun enemy

Nobleman Magician
Hp - 45

[+1] Fireball - Standard Attack
Deal 1d8 damage to target creature and each creature adjacent to the target.
[0] Strange Chant - Standard Utility
Effect is ongoing. On the first round, all allies gain 1 pip; on the second round 2, 3rd 3, and so on. Effect ends when you take damage.
[0] Who's in charge here? - Minor Utility
You can take pips from any or all of your allies, for every 2 pips they give up, you gain 2
[-2] Feather Storm
Deal 5d4 damage, split among up to 5 enemies
[-5] Cyclone Shield - Standard Utility
Gain resist five. If an enemy makes an attack, flip a coin, if heads, afflict an ally with that damage instead. Attacking dispels the shield.
[-1] Energy Backfire - Standard Attack
Sacrifice X pips. Deal X damage to all enemies and subtract x/2 pips from them. X cannot be less than 4, and must be even. An enemy unable to lose the required pips also takes no damage.

Private Bodyguard
Hp - 45

Trait: Only in it for the money - If all remaining allies are also Bodyguards, this creature flees

[+1] Crossbow Shot -
1d10 damage to an enemy
[+2] Maximum coverage -
Grant resist 1 to all allies, subtract 1 pip to add an additional +1 resist, up to resist 5
[+3] Be prepared - standard utility
Do nothing, just prepare to defend the client
[-3] Meat Shield - Interrupt Utility
Trigger - A (non-bodyguard) ally would take damage
Effect - you take half that damage instead
[-5] Call for Backup - Reaction Utility
Trigger - an ally takes damage
Effect - bring in another Bodyguard

Elementalist (enemy)
Hp - 30
A griffon magic user, not the best, but still formidable

Passive Ability: Honor Guard - enemy is immune to multi-target attacks unless it is the last enemy

[+1] Fireball - Standard Attack
Deal 1d8 damage to target creature and each creature adjacent to the target.
[+2] Air Cutter - Standard Attack
1d4 damage on single creature, if 4 is rolled, roll another d4 and do that damage also
[-2] Aqua Pseudopod - Interrupt Attack
Trigger: User would take damage from a single target ability
Effect: deal 1d4 damage, if 4 is rolled, stop attack
[-5] Earth Egg - Standard Utility
You enclose yourself in a stone egg. The egg takes all damage for you, and has 15 hp and resist 3. The egg shatters at 0 hp, stunning you (save ends) while in the egg, you have regeneration 3 and all allies gain a +2 to damage

Fetchers (Diamond Dogs)
Hp: 33

Delta Squadron: This enemy always attacks in groups of three. The last remaining concious one of them will attempt to flee with the other two in tow (DC 30 Acrobatics or atheletics check to stop them)

Opportunist: rolling max on a d8 ,d10, or d12 grants an additional standard action

[0] Smoke Bombs: Standard Attack [1/battle]
Blind an enemy and all adjacent enemies

[-X] Coltnapping: Reaction Utility
Trigger: An enemy falls unconcious
Effect: User attempts to carry target enemy away from battle, DC 5*X Athletics to prevent.

[+2] Reorganize: Reaction Utility
Trigger: Ally falls unconcious
Effect: Shift positions with allies

[+1] Dart Throw: Standard Attack
Deal 1d8 damage and choose one of the following
-deal 1d4 ongoing damage
-flip a coin, if heads inflict daze
-Roll 1d20, if 20 reduce enemy to 0 hp

[+2] Razor Gem: Standard Attack
1d12 damage

[-2] Field Dressing: Standard Utility
Up to 3 allies gain 1d10 temporary hp

Drunken Wizard
Hp 40 + 10

Stupor: roll a d4 with attacks
if hp < 30 attack fails if 1 is rolled
If hp < 20 attack fails if 1 or 2 is rolled
if hp < 10 attack fails if 1 2 or 3 is rolled

Feel-Good-Feeling: Gain 2 pips at the start of every turn

[0] Error magic
1d12 damage on a random target

[-2] Grievous Error Magic
2d12 damage on a random target

[-4] Catastrophic error magic
3d12 damage to random target and all adjacent targets

[+1] Take a Drink
gain 1d10 temporary hp

Animate Chaff
Hp 5
The first experiments of a study alchemist, this barely motile creature exists solely to annoy

[+1] Magnet Guard - Interrupt utility
Trigger - an ally would take damage
Effect - you take the damage instead, as if you had resist 2

Card Guardian
Hp - 1

Trait: small target - flip a coin when attacked, if tails, take no damage

[+1] Luck of the cards - standard attack
Roll 1d4 and activate one of the following effects
1. Nothing happens
2. target Gains a Pip
3. Target is Blinded
4. Target loses a pip

[0] Spirit Link - Reaction Utility
Trigger - ally is attacked
Effect - gain a pip

[-2] Paper Shield - minor attack
Target is weakened (save ends)

Difficult to Classify:
Moderately Unhappy Fish
Hp 10

Small Target: Flip a coin if you would take damage, if tails, don't.

[0] *Sigh* - Minor Utility
Return to full health

[+1] If I have to... - Standard Attack
1d4 damage

[-2] Friggin' Boats - Standard Attack
1d8 damage

The Casino Golem
HP - 77

3 wheels - creature gets 3 attacks per round

Take a gamble - whenever golem takes damage, roll a d8 cause one of the following:
1. Big loss - Golem absorbs 1d8 hp from the attacker
2. Just one more - attacker must reroll for damage
3. All in - flip a coin, if heads double damage taken; if tails, damage becomes healing
4. Malfunction - All enemies heal an amount equal to the damage dealt
5. Buffet token - attacker is healed 1d8, but cannot take part in the next round
6. So Close! - Stun attacker (save ends)
7. J-j-j-jackpot! - roll 1d20, attacker takes that much damage but gains 25x as many bits
8. Crazy Roulette - the room spins, all creatures become dazed for 1 round

Lover of luck:
Whenever Casino Golem rolls a 7, it gains 7 resist until it is next hit.

Combat Talents:

[+3] Lever Smack - Standard Attack
1d10 damage to a single target

[+2] Call Roulette Balls - Standard Attack
Roll 3d6: for each 6 do 2d12 damage to a random enemy

[+1] Disgorge coins - Minor Utility
Spit up 1d100 bits, on 50 or higher; blind all foes (save ends, if one saves they all lose the effect)

[-1] Gamble energy - Minor Utility
Flip a coin, if heads, gain three pips

[0] Card Flip - Free Action
Roll 1d8 if you do damage

[-7] High Stakes - Standard Attack
Deal 1d100 damage, split evenly among all party members

Doe Quixote
HP - 45

Never stay down - Doe has regen 2

Really, really fast - Doe gets 5 attacks per round

Easily Distracted - Lose one turn if 1 is rolled

Deer hyperactivity - Roll 1d4 if struck, on 4 negate the damage

The Hero - Quixote cannot kill enemies

Indomitable - This creature uses attacks only at its own behest, however, it may still lose turns from mind controlling magic

[+2] Lance Jab - Standard Attack
1d8 damage

[+1] Lance Hold - Standard Utility
Gain 1d4 resist until next damaged

[0] Tilting at Windmills - Minor Attack
Deal 2d12 damage to the windmill

[-1] Pontificate - Minor Utility
Target enemy is Dazed

[-5] Errant Death - Standard attack
Deal 1d12+1d10+1d8 damage to a target, if max is rollled, use THEIR special move

Doe Quixote isn't really a 'supposed to win' fight, and hasn't been totally tested. The Casino Golem and Sea Pony Ninjas are the two monsters that have probably worked best... unless you count the chaos caused by sending MU Fish at the party en masse.
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Re: Z2's Monsters.

Post  Z2 on Sat May 11, 2013 11:19 pm

Apparently somepony snatched one of my monsters just today, and set it on a party of four that included me. Doe Quixote became especially memorable after getting a villainous upgrade and the ability to target a random enemy with that minor... but still was handily defeated by virtue of
1. The party being absurdly awesome, and especially good at ruining solo monsters
2. The 'five attacks per round' trait being hobbled even more than expected by an excess of rolled '1's
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