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Zamuel's Trait Ideas

Post  ZamuelNow on Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:50 pm

Just random things floating around in my head. Not claiming any level of balance or usefulness about them.

You may use a Standard Action to transfer the use of a conjured weapon you've summoned to an ally.  They may use it as if they summoned it, while you will need to summon another if you want to use it.

Part of the Family:
Part of the Family
Prerequisite: Conjurer's Pet
Your Conjurer's Pet is not destroyed at 0 HP like other conjurations and can no longer be used for talents that sacrifice conjurations.  Instead, it now falls unconscious like player characters, becoming comatose at -10 HP and dies at the negative of its max HP.

Part of the Family would probably force rewording on some of the other Pet traits.
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