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Post  ZamuelNow on Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:52 pm

Yes, I am insane.

Well...felt it wouldn't hurt to do builds for the small amount of races unique to My Little Pony Tales (AKA G1.5) and MLP G3.  Tales is a bit of an acquired taste/guilty pleasure since it's basically an early 90s sitcom.  Except for one episode, the entire show was solely Earth Ponies that would seemingly fit the mold of AoH's all rounders that have good teamwork as opposed to G1's athletes.  Magic is a subtle undercurrent in the background as opposed to being in your face like the rest of the franchise.

G3 is quite...uneven.  Parts of it, especially the first few stories, are every bit deserving of its bad reputation.  Other parts are surprisingly enjoyable if you're willing to deal with the fact that it generally skews younger than G4 and G1.  Initially starting with just Earth Ponies in this generation's Ponyville, there was a bit of an ongoing worldbuilding arc with them slowly discovering the other pony races until it rebooted itself.  It's interesting that unicorns are the race with the most drastic fluctuation of abilities in the franchise.

I can't see anyone doing full campaigns for either generation but there's small bits that can added to other campaigns (a different project I may be attempting later).  Unless I'm forgetting something, there's only three unique races between these two generations plus G3 unicorns.  G3's dragons can probably be done with the default dragon builds.

First up is the sole entry from Tales...ghosts.  G1.5 is the only part of the franchise where spirits of the undead are canon, a really intriguing swerve considering it's otherwise the least magical part of the franchise.

Afterlife (Mechanical) (2)
You are considered a magical construct undead. You do not age, nor do you need to eat, sleep, or drink or breathe. If a character would make a heal check to heal you, they make a mechanics or arcana check instead. With the proper resources (DM’s discretion), any severed part of your body may be reattached or recreated with the proper resources, so long as you have not been killed and any crippling injury can be repaired with the proper resources.

Call Out (1) – At Will
You let out a loud call. You make make it clear whether or not your call is meant as a warning, distress call, etc.
Choose one
  • A) Name any number of creatures that could recognize your voice. They hear your howl automatically and know how far away from them you are and in what direction.

    B) Every creature within one to ten miles (your choice) hears the call and knows where you are in relation to them.

Weightless (Feline Grace) (1)
You take no damage from falls.

Phase Step (2) - 1/Day
Preparation Time: 10 Seconds
Target creature gains phasing for the next five minutes (they can pass through solid objects, although magical barriers and magical attacks can still affect them).

Stealth Mode (2) - 3/Day
Preparation Time: 5 Seconds
You become invisible for the next five minutes or until you attack. While you are invisible, you gain a +10 bonus to your stealth checks.

G3 unicorns lacked the overt teleportation and telekinesis of G1 and G4.  However, they had more subtle overarching themes of light and color along with more general magical affinity.

G3 Unicorns:
Cutie Mark (2)
Characters of your race gain a cutie mark.

Chromatic Affinity (Magical Tricks) (2) – At Will
Preparation Time: 6 Seconds
You perform a minor magical trick, such as one of the following effects. The Perception DC to see through any of the alterations is 20 + Your Level. Magical Tricks cannot duplicate the effects of any other utility talent.

1) You can alter the color, taste, feel or scent of 1 cubic foot of material. This effect lasts for one hour.
2) You can transform one object with volume no greater than 1 cubic foot into another object of roughly the same size. The new object must be made out of the same material as the first. This effect lasts for one hour.
3) You alter a sound within fifty feet of you to another of similar volume. For example, you could make a shout of warning sound like a round of applause. This effect lasts until the sound naturally dies away.
4) You can turn an object with volume no greater than 1 cubic foot invisible. This effect lasts for one hour.
5) You conjure a common mundane item with volume no greater than one cubic foot - such as a lock pick or hand mirror. It seems artificial and crude, but is still serviceable.
6) You conjure a lightshow of dazzling multicolored patterns within fifty feet of you. The lightshow is clearly a harmless magical illusion, but it’s perfect for delighting a crowd of children.
7) Alter a magical effect that you control in a very minor way. For example, you might be able to stretch the distance of a 30 foot teleport by another 5 feet or add another few minutes to the duration of an hour­-long spell. Whether an Arcana check is required for such tweaks, or if they are even possible, is left to DM discretion.

Shine On (Celestia’s Light) (2) – At Will
Preparation Time: 5 Seconds
You become a beacon of light. This light is normally omnidirectional and may light an area up to 50 feet in diameter, or may be focused into a tight beam that can light objects up to 200 feet away. Twice a day you may turn this light up to a blinding intensity that lasts for ten seconds - so bright it’s like looking into the sun itself. Any creature that sees this light is blinded for the next twelve seconds.

Heart of Courage (2)
You gain a +5 bonus when attempting any skill check that has a DC of 30 or higher.

The other two races have their quirks and will take some thinking to get right though I've got rough ideas of how to get them to work.
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Tales/G3 Races Empty Re: Tales/G3 Races

Post  ZamuelNow on Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:40 am

While Twinkle Wish the Wishing Star from G3.5 was more of a plot device than a character, she did have different abilities than the rest and did react to things.  She literally granted wishes though many were subtle since they were feasible as opposed to being as massively reality warping as such a power would seem.

Really hate her voice though.

Wishing Star:
Wish Granting (Magecraft) (3) - At Will
Prerequisite: Magical Tricks
Preparation Time: Variable
You are highly skilled with magic, able to wield mystical forces in a vast variety of applications. You can now  make Arcana checks to perform magic or fiddle with magical effects, such as attempting to dispel an enchantment or attempting to open a closed magical portal. You can use this talent to fiddle with magical effects in just about any way you can imagine, however – just like trying to physically force an object or deftly manipulate its mechanics gets harder the more drastically you want to change things; so does using Arcana to manipulate magical effects.

Grandeur (3)
Characters of your race provides a +1 morale bonus to the skill checks of all allies that can see it.

It’s Almost Like Flying (1)
You belong to a flying race but you’re not a peregrine falcon or anything. In fact… You kind of suck at it. You can fly with terrible maneuverability (you suffer a -10 penalty to precision and brawn skills while flying).

Specialist (1)                                                                
Characters of your race start with each attribute at 3 at character creation and gain 8 extra points to allocate between them (10 is still the maximum you can have in a given attribute).

You are considered the Small size category.

Cutie Mark (2)
Characters of your race gain a cutie mark.

Flight School (3)
Every Pegasus can walk on clouds and fly with poor maneuverability (you take -5 penalty to Precision and Brawn skills while flying). It takes practice to fly with grace and options for that appear in the utility talents.

Flower House (Secret Shelter) (3) – 1/Day
Preparation Time: Ten Seconds
You find or construct a Secret Shelter for you and up to five companions to rest in. The shelter is very well hidden, requiring a Perception check with a DC of 40 to spot without your assistance. The shelter can comfortably sleep up to six small-sized creatures. Within the shelter is food, drink and reasonably comfortable bedding. The shelter persists for eight hours before it becomes unusable.

Yes, Breezies have an equivalent of Secret Shelter as a racial.  Acting as even more of fairies for the franchise than the Flutter Ponies in G1, it's an oddly simple build.  A lot of their usefulness comes from being a smaller size yet their athletic stats seem to still being that of a normal pony.  Generally the utilities for a Breezie would be Freaky Knowledge for plants/flowers and Green Hooves though obviously a player could switch that up.

And...that's it.  The real meat of running a G3 or My Little Pony Tales campaign really comes from the characters and settings.  Tales and G3.5 wind up being the only parts of the franchise where the primary protagonists have different body types, while Tales and G3 require a bit of a different thought process for play and GMing since most of their conflicts were without antagonists.
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