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Character Creation - Help Wanted

Post  Fury of the Tempest on Sat Aug 02, 2014 12:55 pm

So, I'm currently working on a character for a silly, light-hearted 3.5 Gestalt that is homebrew friendly. I decided I'm going to make Kamina from Gurren Lagan, and using the Sentai class and the Worldrender class, make an unarmed fighter that can punch the universe to make it his bitch. However, although the Sentai class was allowed, the Worldrender was not. So I searched for other classes to replace it... and well, I found two which fit rather well. Which leaves me with my current problem...

Out of the three classes. Which two Classes fit Kamina the best?

First of is the Sentai. This class in my mind, really fits Kamina's fighting style. Big, flashy and hot-blooded, whilst wearing an awesome costume. Not only does it work well with unarmed fighting, but its Strike of Justice will let Kamina attack enemies with the Fire of a Man's Soul. Plus, their emphasize on team-work fits Kamina as well, because not only does he fight with others, but his accomplishments are only possible BECAUSE of the help of others.

Second, is the Legend. This fits Kamina 'Image', the Unstoppable, miraculous warrior, with abilities like Uncanny Dodge and Mettle, among other things as he grows in levels. Not only that, but Legend Class will really help with his ability to fight, especially with the Brawler Deed, whilst the Inspiration Deed with bring some level of encouraging and empowering his allies, and the Challenge Deed allows him to single out powerful enemies for him to take on.

Third, is the Thaumari Now this class is rather different in that it fits Kamina's reality much more. Despite his hot-blooded nature, Kamina wasn't actually that skilled of a fighter. Able to hold his own to some degree perhaps, but it was his ability to inspire and encourage others that was his TRUE deeds. The Thamurai, whilst the Fortuitous strike will help give him a boost to its damage, it plays a much better role and supporting and empowering allies that being a straight-out brawler.

Each of the three classes have their pro's and cons and fit Kamina in different ways, and I can't really do all three of them (well, I can multiclass, but I'm a bit of a purist, especially when it comes to homebrew), so I need to just stick with two of them. Hence why I am posting here, hoping people will be able to give me useful advice in which classes to pick. Because quite honestly, I currently have no idea which to pick.
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