Plugging Fellowship Kickstarter

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Plugging Fellowship Kickstarter

Post  Doc pseudopolis on Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:36 pm

"Fellowship is about  re-enacting  an epic  adventure  series, such as Lord of the Rings or Avatar: The Last Airbender."
I want to plug the kickstarter for the Fellowship tabletop RPG by one Jacob Randolf since it does seem like an interesting system. It is an rpg about creating a fellowship from various races and sending them on a journey to defeat an evil overlord with one player being overlord.
One of the interesting things about it is that instead of classes like other rpgs (except in a couple of points) it uses races like in the older D&Ds and technically the earlier Ponytales as well as ALL of the players taking part in world-builder as opposed to the GM (or rather the player who is the overlord) doing it alone.
Available to backers are a preview copy of the rules and they are playable as they are only really missing certain high-level options and some details.
The link for the kickstarter.
It is currently at a week left and is nearing the stretch goal for a second extra playbook.
Edit: There is a game of it here if you want to listen to it in action.

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