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More Destinies By Jason Shadow

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More Destinies By Jason Shadow Empty More Destinies By Jason Shadow

Post  Jason Shadow Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:46 am

So! For ease of location and such, here's my own thread for additonal Destinies I've come up with. Feel free to critique and/or make suggestions.

If you don't count the ones that appeared in the original thread, then I only have one new Destiny for now. This concept was partially inspired by all of the Fourth-Wall-Breaking Destinies that appear to have popped up. I say "partially inspired" because this is more or less my own spin on the subject, but pretty much skips over actually breaking the Fourth Wall itself.

Some ponies seek to find their way past the fabled Fourth Wall and to the untold secrets behind it, but you've discovered another Wall: the Fifth one. You walk upon the knife's-edge between your world and the Realms of Fiction, and you have seen more than what most ponies can even comprehend.

I've Missed You, Little Yellow Boxes - 1/Session (Special, See Below)
Your frequent trips to the Realms of Fiction have slightly warped your mind, and sometimes your inner monologues aren't quite as "inner" as you believe. While most ponies tune out what appear to be your "insane ramblings", your closest allies have learned that much insight can actually be gleaned from them. At the start of each session, set aside one blank 3-inch-by-3-inch sticky note (or an equivalent-sized piece of paper). You, and you alone, may write whenever you wish on it. Whatever you write (out-of-character knowledge, secret character motivations, battle strategies, etc.) is treated as in-character knowledge for the entire party. Furthermore, the DM is not privy to the contents of this note unless you willingly reveal it to him, and if he reads it without your permission, he must act as if he doesn't know what it says. When the session ends, discard the sticky note; you use a new one for the next session.

Mirror of Worlds - 3/Day
The more stories you see unfold, the more they look alike to you, and as such, you can spot narrative patterns and twist them to your advantage. Whenever out of combat, whenever you make a relevant and relatively well-known quote*, you gain a bonus to your next skill check. The longer and more elaborate the quote is, the bigger bonus you get, as detailed below:
Tier 1: Make a quote which is one or two sentences long. You can roll twice on your next skill check and take the better result.
Tier 2: Recite a lengthy quoted monologue, or participate in a quoted dialogue helped along by your allies or even NPCs. You can roll three times on your next skill check and take the best result.
Tier 3: You sing a song! This song must have been memorized beforehand; you cannot read it aloud. You can treat your next skill check as an automatic (but non-critical) success.
Tier 4: Only reachable during certain circumstances. You can treat your next skill check as an automatic critical success (but not as a Cutie Mark Critical).
Note: if the quote is from Monty Python, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic**, or one additional fandom of the DM's choice, then it is treated as one Tier higher than normal.

*"Relevant and relatively well-known" means the following...
1) It must have something to do with the in-game situation. For instance, you can't randomly sing The Lumberjack Song and get a critical success for lockpicking. It has to make sense in-character, whether having to do with the task at hand or or just naturally fitting into the conversation. Well, as naturally as possible, at any rate.
2) It must be known by at least one person at the table besides yourself, or at least can be quickly and easily investigated. Otherwise, you could make anything up.

**Whether or not non-canon works (such as fanfiction or "Witchcraft"-style parodies) count for this bonus is up to the DM, but if one counts, then they all should.

Canon Party - 1/Session (Special, See Below)
You have become so comfortable with the Realms of Fiction that you routinely "borrow" certain items from various worlds whenever nobody's looking. At the beginning of each session, choose one of the Extradimensional Artifacts below. You can use it for the rest of the session. When the next session starts, you may either keep it or swap it for a different one on the list.
Extradimensional Artifacts:
Absurdly Sharp Blade - Item
Whether it's Excalibur, Obi-Wan's lightsaber, or the scythe of Death himself, this blade is really, really sharp. You gain a +50 bonus to skill checks made to cut through solid objects.

Airborne Household Object - Item
This may look like a simple broomstick or a fancy rug, but it sure can fly. Up to two medium-sized creatures can ride it to fly with awesome maneuverability (you gain a +5 bonus to precision or athletics checks while flying and you can hover), and it can move at twice the flight-speed of the average pegasus.

Mage's Staff - Item
Whether it originally belonged to Merlin, Gandalf, or Harry Dresden, this powerful wizard's staff is now yours, at least for the time being. You gain a +10 bonus to all Arcana checks and all DCs pertaining to It's Witchcraft are reduced by 20%.

Sonic Screwdriver - Item
One of the many Screwdrivers misplaced by a Time Lord, this nifty little device is useful for all sorts of things. You gain a +7 bonus to all Mechanics checks, +3 to all Heal checks, and can automatically lock or unlock almost any door.

Tricky Whip - Item
This trusty bullwhip or high-tech webshooter is quite the tool in skilled hooves. You may use it to swing across pits, from building to building, etc. Additonally, once per day, you may use it in the following way:
Make a Stealth or Acrobatics check with a +5 bonus. Target creature makes an opposing Perception or Acrobatics check repsectively. If you beat their check, you steal one held item from them. If you fail the check by 5 or less, then they drop the item, but you do not receive it.
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