Pony Tales: Aspirations of Harmony
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Destiny: Prodigious Performer [Made by Zarhorn, requested and flavor added by LoganAura]

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Destiny: Prodigious Performer [Made by Zarhorn, requested and flavor added by LoganAura] Empty Destiny: Prodigious Performer [Made by Zarhorn, requested and flavor added by LoganAura]

Post  LoganAura Fri Sep 21, 2012 10:26 pm

lvl 4
Smooth moves - Daily
Thriller time! You do a special performance as part of a skill check, opposing roll or assist roll. Whilst doing this performance, you may ignore the laws of physics and summon one of the following "special effects":
- Fireworks (outdoors only), that distract creatures within 500 feet for 20 seconds
- Lights, bright enough to full light up a room, or blind non-allied creatures
- A fake magical discharge, capable of scaring nearby creatures or animals away

Lv 7:Flash mob 1/session (?)
Wether you are at the gala, or just want to smile smile smile, you can attract many a pony to help your performances. Sometimes even you might find a pet or something! You summon a mob of creatures appropriate to the current area. They may do the following:
- Keep the caster and his allies hidden within itself, as well as cause the caster to vanish by having him mingle with the mob as it dissapates.
- Increase the casters next persuasion or acrobatics check bonus by 15 and prevent it for crit failing
- Do a task that requires a lot of "horse-power": Ponies working together in unison, such as repaiingr a house or knocking down a tree.
- Prevent combat encounters, if able to do so without risking its members getting seriously injured or killed.

Gypsy Bard - lvl10
When you're rife with devastation, There's a simple explanation:
You're a gambler's creation trapped inside a crystal ball.
Your performance abilities grow to such a height that you can now entertain non-living objects, allowing you to make persuasion/acrobatics checks towards them. Succeeding such checks causes them to animate and act in accordance to what they are (for instance, a locked door might unlock itself). You can also show off your performances perfectly with creatures you percieve in any situation, even if it would be impossible to do so (e.g. they cannot percieve you from being blind/deaf, or speak a language you do not), negating any penalty to any persuasion or acrobatics check towards other creatures.

Active Games:
AoH2, where the party is climbing an endless tower. Primarily because I've been sick during campaign days.
Ponysona 4, Where all heck's breaking lose
Saint Trotez: Where Snipe is paranoid and snarked at Snarl.
Satisfying Values (Hiatus): Mic is chasing after a Glitch.

Retired or inactive Games:
Too many to count.

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