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Logan's Race Ideas.

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Logan's Race Ideas. Empty Logan's Race Ideas.

Post  LoganAura Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:27 am

This is mostly gonna be a thread of me messing around with the Racial Creation thing.

Here is one from a PC and one from an NPC I have.

PC: The Pony Alpha
This pony has become the Alpha of a timberwolf pack, and as such has started acting similar to one himself.
Cutie Mark
Pack Mentality (Gives a +4 rather than a +2 when Aiding another)
Call Out. (Let out a howl that either shows your location to creatures you want or every creature in 1-10 miles hears your howl. You can say wether or not it's a warning, distress signal, etc.)

NPC: Magitech Seapony
One with the Waves (Breath Underwater)
Mechanical (Lots of stuff)
A Thousand Faces (Can look like any Equine shaped creature)

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