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Destiny Alternates

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Post  A1C Bronymous Mon Mar 04, 2013 5:33 am

An attempt to make the Destiny list more accessible.

Reflavoring is the name of the game, and Destinies should be no different. This thread isn't for coming up with new ideas, but the official list is a bit limited as far as flavoring goes. What if we don't want to be a musician, or a Dragon rider thing, or a crazy pony, per se? This thread is for coming up with ways to make the existing official destinies fit a wider range of unique characters.

So, for example, I have a Pegasus who likes to fly and likes to flirt. I like the effects of Rockstar, but actual music playing part doesn't fit the character. So, to make it fit, I reflavored to:

Level 4- Air Show
You gain a set of Custom Contrails. If lost, the Custom Contrails will materialize in your hands after an extended rest. While you have the Custom Contrails, you have the utility talent Aerobatics.

Preparation time: As long as you want.
You perform a kickass stunt, empowering and inspiring yourself and all allies in sight. Everyone who sees the kickass stunt gains a +5 bonus to their next skill check, and a +1 morale bonus to skill checks for the rest of the day.

Level 7- The Suit
Your Custom Contrails now also come with a Wonderbolt Flightsuit. You’ve gained international stardom as a result of your talent and everywhere you go people always know your name. Your skills have increased as well, making you worthy of the fame you carry. You gain the talent Sweet and Elite and when you use Aerobatics you may spend a magic point to let each ally in sight roll a d6. Upon rolling a 5 or 6 that ally gains a magic point.

Level 10- Top Gun
Your flying is so powerful, so awe-inspiring that everyone watches you on a daily basis. Everyone reveres you. Because of this, you gain a +20 bonus to skill checks made to seduce people, +20 to skill checks made to fly or do stunts, and once per year you can ignore all legal consequences of one of your actions. Furthermore, your flying skill has become the stuff of legend, allowing you to use Aerobatics two additional times a day. You also have more than enough wealth and influence to get invited to all the most exclusive parties, functions and events. You’ll probably be performing at them yourself a good amount of the time.
A1C Bronymous
A1C Bronymous
Air Commander, Equestrian Armies Pegasus Corps, Eastern Skies Command
Air Commander, Equestrian Armies Pegasus Corps, Eastern Skies Command

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Post  Xel Unknown Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:43 pm

Here's my try at reflavoring Dragon Disciple for a friend.

Discord Disciple
You gain Discord the god of chaos himself, as a mentor.

Level 4 - Chaotic Mind
There are great powers in the world and one of the greatest of them all is Discord. You have somehow managed to earn the mentorship of the mad god of Disharmony and Chaos. Whether you won the Lord of Chaos’ respect with great chaotic deeds or whether the mighty Draconequus has just taken a liking to you, Discord has decided to take you under his wing. For some reason the crazed creature has entrusted you with the knowledge of its species, granting you the ability to speak and understand the language of draconequus. You also have gained a mental link with the mad god, being able to question him on important matters and see if he has any wisdom on ancient relics, mythology, or civilizations that he has had the fortune to come across during his lifetime. Once per day you may mentally contact Discord to ask his advice, gaining you +10 to one of your knowledge checks.

Level 7 - Chaotic Body
Your long contact with Discord has begun to make you much more like one of the draconequus’ own kind. You may choose two of the following three benefits.

Draconequus Wings
You gain the, “Flight School” utility talent, even if you don’t meet the other prerequisites.

Discordian Heart
You gain +2 to two attributes of your choice.

You are immune to any heat below that of an adult dragon’s breath. You can also create puffs of flame at will. These puffs of flame are identical to a torch in many respects and are capable of burning objects and lighting fires outside of combat just as a torch might. Puffs of flame are ordinary fire, they extinguish quickly without tinder. In addition, you gain the, “Firebreathing” utility talent.

Firebreathing - At Will
Preparation Time - 6 Seconds
You create either a burst of blinding fireworks (blinding all creatures that see it within 120-ft of the fire source) or a thick cloud of smoke (extending 20 feet in all directions from the fire source and lasting 18 seconds).

Level 10 - Chaotic Soul
You have reached the pinnacle of your apprenticeship and a soul of chaos laughs within you. You have transcended the ranks of a mere apprentice and are now ready to move beyond Discord’s mentorship and approach the world as an equal. (kinda) While you lose the ability to contact Discord to ask questions (and are thus unable to make use of this destiny’s level 4 feature), your studies with Discord has left you with three parting gifts. First, the ageless chaotic being imbues you with all the vast knowledge of his lifetime; granting you +10 to Knowledge as well as access to many esoteric secrets. Second, he grants you sole inheritance of some vast treasure horde. Finally, your Lord and Master Discord blesses you with the longevity of dragons - making you nearly ageless. Though all things pass in time, your natural life-span extends to that of the great dragons of t
Xel Unknown
Xel Unknown
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