Let's talk about AoEs

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Let's talk about AoEs

Post  Xel Unknown on Wed Sep 25, 2013 5:46 pm

In this system, AoE attacks are truelly extreamly weak. I'm sure that in the tabletop system they might have some more stranght but in teh Skype system. They're really weak, so weak they're only good for either openers to hit the whole enemy party for damage or to deal with minion-spaming enemies with some ease. Unlike other build options in this system, if you wished to make a pure AoE type of build to hit as many enemies as you can... You'd have a bad time that only the GM could save your build by having enemies that make such things worthwhile for most of the battle. AoEs get weaker as the number of targets get's shorter and shorter... And in solo fights, AoEs are worthless unless there is any type of minion-spam... Another thing that is holding AoEs back is lack of upgrades for them. Single Targets get a LOT of options to be improved. And the few that can buff AoEs to a degree still work better with Single-Target builds. Or they're weird to really work with... Like they still only give bonus damage to only one enemy... Which is a cool option but really not that easy to build around the idea of using it.

The idea of this topic is to trying to talk about how to improve AoEs and maybe help figure out the maths of how AoE damage should work.
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Re: Let's talk about AoEs

Post  A1C Bronymous on Wed Sep 25, 2013 6:36 pm

AOE's aren't any better than single target nukes or multi hit builds. No damage dealing build has much in the way of support options, and AOEs tend to be better than those in that they do X damage to multiple enemies, as opposed to X damage to just one- in fact a lot of them do the same damage to a single target as to 3 or more, so they're just as useful in single target encounters.
A1C Bronymous
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