Happy Holidays from Pony Tales!

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Happy Holidays from Pony Tales!

Post  Stairc -Dan Felder on Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:59 pm

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful time of the year. Overflowing with holiday spirit, I'd like to grant any active group that desires it an official +3 morale bonus to all attributes for the next two weeks. As for the DMs out there, there are two projects we're working on whenever we have time. We're also going to dedicate a full week to PT and LL dev work, setting aside our other projects,the moment we get back to college and can work together again.

Hope all your hearths are kept warm,


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Looking for an artist right now, one that would be excited to work with me and Kindulas in creating a superhero comic. If you're interested, know anyone that might be interested, or just want to give the script for our first issue a read - enjoy the link below.

My Comic Project
Stairc -Dan Felder
Stairc -Dan Felder
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