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Post  Philadelphus on Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:23 am

With the change to the abilities system several people requested some form of racial template. It got put on my backburner because there were other things to work on, but with the abilities pretty much settled down and stable now I took another stab at it.

Each race will have two sets of abilities: core abilities, which are things that a member of that race ought to be able to do just by virtue of being a normal functioning individual of that race, and suggested abilities, which are just that: suggestions for new players unsure what to take. Core abilities are not required to be taken (you can play a Scootaloo-like pegasus without flight if you want), but they are recommended. If you want to play a character without them just make sure you have a good in-character reason why your character can't do something.  Smile 

I've kept the core abilities of each race to a minimum point cost to help emphasize that your character is a unique member of their species, and to leave as much room for creative freedom as possible.

Earth Pony/Zebras/Crystal Ponies:
Core abilities: Adept, The Most Dependable of Ponies
Suggested abilities: Instant-Party, Nimble Hooves, Hop, Skip, and Jump, Yee-Haw!, The Most Dependable of Ponies, Speak With Nature, Nature's Touch

Core abilities: It's Almost Like Flying, Flight, Weather-Crafter
Suggested abilities: Various flight upgrades, Awesomeness, Haste, The Rainbow Dash, various Weather-Crafter upgrades

Core abilities: Telekinesis, Celestia's Light
Suggested abilities: Advanced Telekinesis, Spellchild, This Is Whining!, Dispel Magic, Teleportation

Baby Dragon:
Core abilities: Elemental Immunity: Fireborn, Elemental Affinity: Fire, Pyrotechnics
Suggested abilities: Longrunner, Grandeur, Spike, Take a Letter

Core abilities: Terrify, Attack the Day!
Suggested abilities: Fracture the Fourth Wall, Challenge Fate

Core abilities: Stubbornness, Longrunner
Suggested abilities: Stubborn as a Mule, Iron Pony, The Most Dependable of Ponies

Core abilities: Herd Mentality, Hop, Skip, and Jump
Suggested abilities: Yee-Haw, Heart of Courage

Core abilities: Terrify, It's Almost Like Flying
Suggested abilities: Various flight upgrades, Haste, Dirty Look, Watching Like a Hawk, Eagle Eye

Core abilities: It's Almost Like Flying, Telekinesis, Changeling's Trickery
Suggested abilities: Various flight upgrades, Cunning Disguise, Spider Climb, Empathetic

Diamond Dog:
Core abilities: Burrower, Nightwatch, Scent Tracker
Suggested abilities: Herd Mentality, Gotcha!

Core abilities: Elemental Affinity: Waterborn, Terrify
Suggested abilities: Nimble Hooves, Scent Tracker, Call Out, Cunning Disguise

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