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Wanderlust combat adjustment proposal: Divine Light

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Wanderlust combat adjustment proposal: Divine Light Empty Wanderlust combat adjustment proposal: Divine Light

Post  ZamuelNow Tue May 15, 2018 3:56 pm

A few months ago, Sunbeam and I were brainstorming ways to fill out support options for the system and fix a few problems.  In doing so, we mathed out a few new combat powers and features.  One wasn't brand new but rather was a revamp that could possibly solve multiple problems at once.  The problems?

Well, healers had fewer options than damage but there's a few genuine issues.  Perhaps the biggest was that no healing move in the game can d12 crit.  Not a power, feature, trait, or the destiny can do so.  Technically, the Healer’s Grace special's own d12 can crit into itself but you still can't reach it with a heal.  Furthermore, a lack of rolls overall means that while healers have the potential to be consistent, they lack the potential wow factor damage dealers get.  Entirely separate from this was how Nuker was less favored but also had few high cost powers to fuel it.  All and all, we looked at the math and devised this:

[-6] Divine Light - Standard Action (Healing, Burst)
Do each of the following:
-Target creature gains 6+1d8 Life.
-Target creature gains 8+1d10 Life.
-Target creature gains 10+1d12 Life.
-Target creature gains 12+1d20 Life.
You may choose different targets for each effect.

I feel that replacing the current Divine Light with this, even if just in homebrew campaigns if it never became official, has more pros than cons over the old one.
+Healers now have a d12 capable move and a fair bit of potential wow factor from the potential d12 or d20 crit.
+Increased cost means something else to trigger the Nuker feature.  Also, healers usually have bigger energy pools so the increased cost is not a major burden on its own.
+Still fairly reliable.  The current Divine Light heals a static 50 Life.  The proposed revision has a minimum of 40 Life healed and a maximum of over 86 Life healed if you have a healing crit.
+Arguably, it positively adjusts the available leveling options.  If the default "big" heal has randomization, the non-random traits stand out a little more.  In battle, you'd have the option for trading off guaranteed healing for gaining much more.
-Higher energy cost.  While I already stated that I feel this isn't much of an issue for your average healer, it is a specific problem that could throw off some builds.
-It has a lower number of targets it can heal.  This might be the bigger issue but this also comes with the greater healing capacity.

While I'll be using this in my own games, I'd like to know everyone else's opinion on it.
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