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Love is in Bloom

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Love is in Bloom Empty Love is in Bloom

Post  A1C Bronymous Wed Aug 22, 2012 4:19 pm

I know its in the catalog already, but I figured I'd move it out here for more exposure. It needs a new name, and I could do with some suggestions on effects- I've been told they're a bit underpowered.

Love is in Bloom: Romance Destiny
Wild adventures and crazy happenings are a part of daily life in Equestria, but for you, that's no way to spend your entire life. Your ultimate goal is to find that Pony of your dreams, a companion to share your life with- whether you believe in Soul Mates, Love at First Sight, or Fate, or you just want to find somepony that makes you happy, somepony that you want to make happy. While you my get called away on business, or to save the world from killer pastries, you constantly look for that most powerful of magics in Equestria: the Power of Love. Each Tier has two effects- the first applies if you are Single [S], the second if you are in a relationship [R]. If you are in a relationship when you reach a tier, or after the fact, then you gain the [R] effect for that tier. If that relationship ends, however, then you revert to [S], and take a -3 penalty to all rolls for the rest of the session.

Tier 1: Lvl 4
[S]The Flirt- 3/day
Whether its classic romanticism, or just devilish charm and wit, you have learned how to flirt, to pick up Mares (or Stallions), and but so far have had no luck on the long-term. You may attempt a skill challenge: Choose three skills you wish to use to impress your chosen target, and assign to them modifiers of +3, +1, and -1. If you succeed 2 of 3 attempts, the chosen target may be considered your very special somepony, beginning the next day.
[R]The Very Special Somepony
You found one! If you spend time with your Significant Other during the day, then the next day you may choose to treat one rolled 1 as a 2 instead.

Tier 2: Lvl 7
[S]Wingman- 1/day
In social situations, a fellow Party Member may offer assistance in one of two ways:
-The Bailout: If you roll a Natural 1 on any check, you may reroll.
-The Distraction: If you wish to have a more private conversation, your wingman will distract anyone who may get in the way, providing a +1 to persuasion and perception checks during the private time.
[R] If you are in a relationship, you may choose one of the following two talents:
-Attached at the Hip: Whenever you are together, you and your VSS gain +3 to all rolls. Whenever you are apart, you both take a -3 penalty to all rolls.
-Lovey-Dovey- 1/day: You’re so in love, it’s like you both know where the other is at all times. Once per day, you may learn the precise location of your VSS, and nothing can stop you from getting to her/him.

Tier 3: Lvl 10
[S] If you are still single, you may choose one of the following two Talents.
-Desperate- Magic: True Love seems to have eluded you so far. Maybe a long term relationship isn’t what you are destined to find- maybe brief companionship is all you need. If so, you’re in luck. You have by now learned all of the tips and tricks, and can convince any one pony to spend the day (or the night) with you. You gain a +5 bonus to all skill checks the next day, but you must also treat all rolled 2’s as a Critical Failure.
-Matchmaker- Magic: For you, love was not meant to be; sad, but true. However, your past exploits have given you a keen eye for matchmaking, one that even Princess Mi Amore Cadenza would be proud of. You can apply that skill to bringing other ponies together. If you see two Ponies that you think should be together (single, of course), you may initiate a skill challenge. Select 7 Skills to use to bring these two together. If you succeed at 4 of the 7, you gain a +7 to all rolls until the end of the day.
[R] Lover’s Bed
You have found the one, and are well on your way to spending the rest of your life with them. The idea of marriage is no longer so distant to you, nor is the idea of raising a family. But the future is still uncertain, so for now, you take comfort in your Lover’s embrace. You start each day with an additional magic point, and may select training in another skill.
A1C Bronymous
A1C Bronymous
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Air Commander, Equestrian Armies Pegasus Corps, Eastern Skies Command

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Love is in Bloom Empty Re: Love is in Bloom

Post  Greywander Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:51 pm

I can't believe someone hasn't said something sooner, but when I read through this destiny, I found there was something just wrong with the tier 3 Desperate ability. The No Flavor version in the Destiny Catalog is even worse, simply saying that you "convince any pony to spend the night with you." I'm guessing this is just poorly worded, but it has certain Unfotunate Implications. Not only does it not sound G rated at all, but the idea of forcing anyone to "spend the night with you" can lead to some very very sick things, such as targeting underage characters or using it to basically mind control someone who would normally be unwilling to, well, you know.

I'd recommend rewording it to "go on a date with you", or something similar.
Very Important Pony
Very Important Pony

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