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Post  Lapis-Lazily Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:40 pm

Here is the new Avatar destiny I've been working on. I'm looking for feedback and any cool ideas people have to improve it.

Avatar - Legend of You

Level 4 - The Legend Begins
An inner power has awakened within you. For now, you can only begin to tap into its untold potential, but with time and practice you may be able to improve your control. You gain the following ability:

Form of the Avatar - Magic
Preparation Time: 5 seconds
You enter the Form of the Avatar. In the Form of the Avatar, you gain the following:
Your attributes each become 12.
You gain the ability to fly and suffer no penalty to precision or brawn checks while flying.
You gain the abilities Fireborn, Frostborn, Thunderborn, Acidborn and Waterborn.
You may reroll any natural 1s you roll on skill checks.
While in the Form of the Avatar, you cannot use any of your other abilities or combat talents. You exit the Form of the Avatar after 5 minutes, or at any time earlier.

Level 7 - Avatar Unleashed
Your training and dedication is showing. You have gained focus, and clarity. Your abilities are ever growing, and you feel it may only be a matter of time before you reach your full potential. You gain one of the following features:

Avatar of Will
You instantly become aware of any attempts to control your mind and may instantly activate Form of the Avatar in response. You are immune to mind-altering effects while in the Form of the Avatar. When you enter the Form of the Avatar, any mind-altering effects you were suffering from instantly end. While in the Form of the Avatar you see the world around you as it really is, stripped of all magical disguises or illusions.

Avatar of Storm
You have become an Avatar of the Storms, allowing you to roll 3d10 instead of 1d20 for acrobatics and athletics, roll twice on all skill checks made to fly and you can to alter the atmospheric conditions in a 1 mile radius with a five second prep time. For example, you can make a sunny day rain or a rainy day clear up within the area of effect. You can also attempt a more difficult feat, such as creating a localized hurricane or forcing lightning strikes out of clouds to hit tall objects. Choose a skill when you learn Avatar of Storm, that skill becomes used for any skill checks used for these more difficult tasks - with DCs set at DM discretion.

Avatar of Spirit
You have become an Avatar of the Spirit, allowing you to roll twice on all skill checks made to fly, see in the dark as and phase through solid objects at will. In addition, you may detect all living creatures in a 120 foot radius around you, able to sense their life signs through walls.

Level 10 - The Avatar Ascends
Through arduous training and incredible focus, you have harnessed the full breadth of your power. While in the Form of the Avatar, your attributes each become 15. In addition, every time you activate Form of the Avatar, you gain 5 Spirit. You lose any Spirit you haven’t spent when you leave the Form of the Avatar. You may spend Spirit to activate one of the following abilities:

Spirit Blade - 1  Spirit
Preparation Time: Instantaneous
You conjure a blade of pure spirit energy in your hand. It can cut through any solid object from soil to steel. You can also slash through magical enchantments, letting you make athletics or acrobatics checks in place of arcana checks to attempt to dispel magical effects. Using Spirit Blade requires complete concentration as you aim for the perfect angle on your target, thus it cannot be used as an attack. Spirit Blade is destroyed upon use.

Spirit Rush - 1 Spirit
For the next two seconds, you may move at a speed up to 100 miles per second. Moving this fast is extremely dangerous, meaning you may only carry one person at a time while moving at these speeds.

Spirit Tsunami - 2 Spirit
Preparation Time: 5 Seconds  
You conjure a massive Spirit Tsunami a hundred feet wide twenty feet long and up to fifty feet high to crash forward. The Spirit Tsunami passes through living creatures harmlessly but crashes against buildings and objects with tremendous force. Roll a d20 with a +60 bonus. Treat the result as the Spirit Tsunami’s athletics check to smash through any non-living objects it strikes. The wave disappears after it strikes.

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Avatar Destiny Empty Re: Avatar Destiny

Post  Philadelphus Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:07 pm

First off, this looks a whole lot better as a destiny than it did as a series of utility talents. Feedback:
-There's an extraneous "as" in the first sentence of Avatar of Spirit.
-The level 10 feels a bit...underwhelming. Like, what if I don't need any of those three options? I kept expecting a general-use option that could be used pretty much any time, something like

Spirit Aid – 1 Spirit
You may re-roll a failed skill check.

Just some thoughts.

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