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Earth Ponies' Art

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Earth Ponies' Art Empty Earth Ponies' Art

Post  Z2 Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:03 am

Okay, so, admittedly race/ability restrictions are long gone, but flavor wise something still strikes me:

We've got Magecraft, the versatile upgradeable tinkering that fits well with unicorns.

We've got Weathercrafting, the versatile upgradeable tinkering that fits with the pegasi.

Earth ponies have... nada. Soooooo...

Hyper Horticulture - At Will
Prerequisite: Green Hooves
Prep Time - Varies
Channel your energy through nearby plants to give them power. You can make grass grow to 6 ft tall as camoflage, make a vine rapidly grow toward a target, or any number of other effects. On the other side, you can make a flower wilt, increase the poison content of naturally dangerous plants, or loosen the roots of assorted trees. Consider this similar to magecraft but for botanical manipulation rather than magical. In addition, it is possible to store magic points and x/day abilities in fruit grown with this ability [eating a fruit imbued with a 1/day ability restores a 1/day ability that the target already has, etc.] (I'll work out the DCs shortly). This ability uses the Endurance stat, but is not subject to longrunner.

It kind of makes Green Hooves the equivalent to magical tricks, and itself acts as a parallel to magecraft. It gives the endurance skill something to do that isn't totally reactionary and offers reason to take your cutie mark in that skill for the first time. It probably needs some polish, but I'd like to see what is thought of the concept...
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