Pony Tales: Aspirations of Harmony
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Destiny: Successful Salespony

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Destiny: Successful Salespony Empty Destiny: Successful Salespony

Post  LoganAura Wed Aug 22, 2012 5:22 pm

My current ideas are Freaky Knowledge: Product for Lv 4 and a shop in small towns that you can get room and board at for free, then at Lv 7 the shop is in medium size towns and they pony gets Silver Tongue Sales Pitch: (Magic) count one persuasion or streetwise roll as a nat20 without triggering a cutie mark critical, and finally at lv10 they get Payoff: 3/day Bribe the DM with your excess cash to change any fail or crit fail to an automatic success, a shop in ALL THE TOWNS, and everypony in the party gets a free Freaky Knowledge.

And here is what I have so far for flavor text:

Today I'm here to talk to you about your DESTINY!
What is your destiny you ask? We-he-hel your destiny is what you make of it! One destiny you could choose is the ENTREPRENEUR destiny! What is an entrepreneur you ask? Well go find a Sweetie Belle and look it up. An Entrepreneur is a salespony that runs their own business. Well known Entrepreneurs are Donald Trot and the original owners of Sweet Apple Acres in Ponyville!
That business revolves around selling a product, whether it be apples, chocolate, dresses, flapjacks, ANYTHING!
(Warning, not everything will be excepted by the Pony Handler as a valid product. Some arguments will occur)
At the start of your destiny, you start small as a Simple Salespony. A stand or two, maybe a building in your hometown, just enough to get you a steady flow of profits and a stop whenever you visit that town. However to sell your product you must KNOW your product. Sell apples? Know exactly how to make Zap Apple Jam. Sell dresses? Know the difference between a half stitch and a cross stich and which looks better with French Haute Couture or Italian Silk Style. The best Entrepreneurs have some freaky knowledge about the product they put time into selling.
Now after a while, you're going to expand your enterprise Mr. Entrepreneur! You'll find your shop in most towns, from Appleoosa to Trottingham to Ponyville. Your experience with selling your product and the quick wit needed makes it easy as Pinkie Pie to learn about places or talk people into doing something you want. Not as easily as Pinkie Pie, but really easily.
Eventually you'd reach the BEST rank of entrepreneurs, the Mogul! As a mogul, your Shops are even in the biggest towns such as Canterlot and Manehatten! Anypony you've traveled with has helped you in some part of your job so they seem to know about some aspect of your job. That write pony has helped you with the Sales pitches more than once, the Musician has sang the jingle heard over the radio, etc, and as such they know a lot about that part of your business! Enough to gain some sort of freaky knowledge of their own! To top it off, you have enough money to pay the Big Stallion to, er.. Help you succeed in something when you're about to fail.

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