What are Expansions?

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What are Expansions? Empty What are Expansions?

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:15 pm

Expansions are basically extra stuff. A Ponyhandler can create and run a game solely off of the core rulebooks, but Expansions can give him some extra ideas to put in.
Players can use Expansions, too, but they should run it by their Ponyhandler first.
All ideas to be added to an expansion should be run through the Developer's Corner first. We want to keep everything nice and balanced, after all.

[I'd also like to do the same thing as we'd do for the core rulebooks and have a 1.0 for each "book" of Expansions. Here, 1.1 would be minor additions to it, and 2.0 could be larger changes, particularly if we want to realign the abilities to a new version of the core. Errata for these could also exist.~Andrew]


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What are Expansions? Empty Re: What are Expansions?

Post  Stairc -Dan Felder on Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:42 pm

Definitely. There's going to be three major kinds of source-books.

The Core
These will be the core elements you need to play Pony Tales. The Player's Handbook, the Pony-Handler's Guide and the Monster Vault. All elements of these core books will be reviewed by me and polished with the designers so we can make sure that everything's balanced and fits with the overall design goals to help provide the best possible, cohesive experience for new players.

Official Expansions
These expansions will feature optional rules, gameplay supplements, extra racial options and more. All elements of the Official Expansions will be reviewed by me and polished with the designers of them so we can make sure everything's balanced and fits with the overall design goals. Official Expansions will be approved elements for any player or DM to use, they just won't be in the core books so we can keep the core books as smooth and simple as possible.

Third Party Sources
These sources will be crafted by anyone who feels like developing for Pony Tales. Third Party Sources won't have gone through official polishing with me yet and thus might be less balanced or contrary to design goals. DM's are free to include material from Third Party Sources into their games of course, a lot of it is bound to be very good. Naturally, everything most community members design will be considered a Third Party Source for a while, and I expect a lot of them (like JasonShadow's utility talents and Lapis Lazily's Griffon and Changeling added racial options) will eventually become part of the official rulebooks once I have time to go over them and work with their talented designers. That's one of the main purposes of this forum, creating a place for us to all come together and help each other with ideas so we can make more and more top tier material. The forum's barely been up for a day and I already see a bunch of new ideas that are definitely going to make it into the official sources.

Keep em coming!

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