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Adjacency is king... Empty Adjacency is king...

Post  Snagging Roots on Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:34 am

So, as the title suggests I'm making this topic to cover combat builds which revolve around adjacency; and due to the sub forum, I'm also adding the prerequisite that they use items to cause this central theme. If there is already a topic for this, I apologise and would appreciate a link to it; I'm crunched for time right now and didn't have the chance to make a search for it.
(For your reference I'll generally be using the skype version of the combat system)
So, in making a new character late last night/early this morning I stumbled onto a nice level one set of a items which makes adjacency combos insane:
The Hookblade(1000 gold) and the Boomstick(2000 gold), the former allows single target attacks to move two creatures adjacent to one another and the latter allows a single target attack, once per battle to effect all adjacent creatures. I've made a simple, conservative build to work with this absurdly well.
Combat Talents:
I actually had to add more to list, I didn't really feel the need to though, but here's the core that I came up with:
[-9] Call Lightning - Standard Attack
Deal 3d12 damage to target creature, and 1d12 damage to each creature adjacent to it.

[+3] Way Too Tough - Standard Utility
You may make a saving throw.

[+2] Defensive Fighting - Standard Attack
Deal 2 damage to target creature and gain resist 2 until the end of your next turn.

[+3] Sanctity of Faith - Standard Utility
You gain regeneration 2 (save ends).

[+1] Syphon Life - Standard Attack
Roll 1d6. Deal that much damage to target enemy, and you or target ally gains that many hp.

So basically, what's going on here is I'm abusing the Hookblade's passive ability to make allies adjacent while I build up PiPs(Energy?) and build up the situation to nuke them with Call Lightning under the affect of Boomstick. Since Boomstick is inherently a single target talent, it's effects are able to be copied... Which makes all creatures adjacent the target take 4d12, as well as the original target taking 3d12+Xd12 whereas X is the number of adjacent creatures. The 4d12 averages to 26 damage, and then let's say your target has seven adjacent creatures, it'll take an average of 65 damage...
And let's not even get into the fact that you're not rolling TONS of dice, it's highly likely that you'll crit on at least one of them!

I'd love to see what other sorts of ridiculous combos you've made like the example!
Snagging Roots
Snagging Roots
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Adjacency is king... Empty Re: Adjacency is king...

Post  Philadelphus on Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:40 pm

Ah, yes, the Hookblade + Boomstick combo. I found that one a couple of months ago when Boomstick was still 2/battle and set it up on my character. After the change to Boomstick I dropped it and took the combat talent Explosive Arrow instead, and have been running it with my current character, although I've only really gotten to use it once in fights so far.

Explosive Arrow:
[-3] Explosive Arrow - Standard Attack
Deal 1d8 damage to target creature. At the beginning of that creature’s next turn, it and all creatures adjacent to it take 1d10 damage and are dazed (save ends).
And yes, Explosive Arrow counts as a single-target attack for the purposes of Boomstick, if you want to run it that way. I asked. Smile

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