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Pony High Fantasy - Dusk Raven's Take

Post  Dusk Raven on Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:12 am

So, while at BronyCon 2016, I was exposed to a fan-made card game called Buck: Legacy. It featured a quirky little high fantasy setting, with adventurers, monsters, and loot, but with ponies. I decided I loved the concept and soon set about creating my own version...

I'll be releasing this info in segments, mostly because I don't have it all written up at the moment, yet I still want to post about it. So for now, I'll begin with the setting. The basics of it is that the world's harmony has been disrupted by the arrival of evil, in the form of a wicked god named Malice. Though Malice was successful in defeating the goddess Eridia, patron of ponykind, Eridia was able to seal him away, and so good and evil are at a standoff. Evil monsters and corrupted ponies roam the land... but heroes arise amongst ponykind to fight off evil - and maybe make some bits in the process.

The Story So Far:
Once, the world of Tempera was as close to a paradise as any pony could hope for. Eridia, creator of ponykind, ruled with fairness and virtue, and the land was kept in harmony. This is not to say bad things never happened, but they never overwhelmed the good things – and most importantly, cruelty was a concept unknown to ponykind.

But one hundred and twenty five years ago, evil entered the word in the form of a wicked god called Malice. Malice was not the creator of pain, or sadness, or death – but he was the first to willingly spread these things. He roamed the land, acting as he pleased to hurt ponies for his own amusement, and created countless horrible monsters to do the same.

Eridia and her allies tried to counteract his actions – at first with subtlety, and then with force. But Eridia and her favored creations, ponykind, were unused to fighting, and Malice and his forces defeated them, taking Eridia as prisoner and slave. But Eridia was able to seal away both of their powers, preventing either of them from acting directly in Tempera.

Despite this, the damage Malice had done was immense. Wicked monsters now roamed the land, causing chaos and destruction. Countless pony communities and civilizations were scattered as their members fled and hid from Malice's depredations. Others had been corrupted, succumbing to greed and selfishness. All in all, Malice no longer needed to intervene himself to cause chaos and suffering.

Yet despite this, there was hope. In a time of darkness, the hearts of ponies shone with courage. The survivors banded together for protection, and brave heroes went on adventures across the land, fighting evil and injustice wherever they went. In spite of all that has happened to the world, ponies of many tribes and shapes stand tall, doing their best to keep the world from falling into utter chaos and misery.

Ponies have now begun to rebuild their former civilizations – but with hordes of monsters and wicked ponies lurking in the world, heroes will not find themselves unneeded anytime soon.
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